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Taylor Swift

Melina Druga: Taylor Swift’s $2.9m per concert… & more top live music stats

The money is still very much in live music, as these latest figures from Reportlinker show...

Full Stack Music, Techcrunch, streaming

Melina Druga: “Full Stack Music” Integrates Industry Mediums

Artists and fans are now part of the radio, live and streaming industries. It's called Full Stack Music. Here's what it means, in numbers!

Radio 1

Melina Druga: What does the BBC’s future streaming service mean for music?

What can we expect of the UK public broadcaster's forthcoming service? Some clues, in figures


Melina Druga: Why Mixcloud matters

SoundCloud may get more press; but let's not forget Mixcloud, a 12-person startup well worth a listen!

music streaming wars

News Review: Who will survive the music streaming wars?

Apple Music, SoundCloud, Vevo: what were the industry's biggest trends this summer? Find out now!

Fair Music

Fair Music: Transparency and Money Flows in the Music Industry

Transparency, cash flows: music monetisation is facing many challenges these days - but they can be overcome, says Rethink Music

outside the box music 13

Outside the Box: A Beyond Music Entertainment review, issue 13

Royalties, music-driven movies and more in the latest Outside the Box!

YouTube music video services

Melina Druga: 34% of people find new music using video services

YouTube has become a key platform for the music industry. Here are the figures you need to know, according to Reportlinker!

On demand MIDiA

On Demand, In Demand – Exclusive MIDiA Research white paper

How can the music industry meet the needs on the on demand fan? MIDiA Research's founder has some answers!

Midem 2015 Quick Review

Midem in a nutshell! The 2015 Quick Review

Missed anything at Midem this year? No worries: our Quick Review covers all the Cannes action!