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Sam Lee Deezer

Interview with Sam Lee: “We’ve built up a strong editorial voice for Deezer”

How important are playlists for driving listening to streaming platforms? Deezer's editor gives us some insight


The Best of Midem Hack Day: DJ Spotify, by Yuli Levtov

Our look back at the best of Midem Hack Day's past five years continues with the 2014 edition

Midem Marketing Competition Finalists

Midem 2015 Marketing Competition: Meet the finalists!

How should the most impressive video marketing campaigns look like? Have a look at the Midem Marketing Competition finalists...

Midemlab 2015 finalists

Meet the Midemlab 2015 finalists!

Discover 30 of the world's top of the range music startups right now, ahead of Midemlab 2015


Melina Druga: 5 streaming stats that matter

Discover the latest news on streaming music services in figures with Reportlinker

Big Data - Jeremy Silver

Jeremy Silver: Has Big Data grown too big?

How can we find true value in the big data collected by marketers? Mediaclarity Digital's director investigates


Interview: Jason Reed: “Genuine enthusiasm can go a long way” in the music industry

Meet Domino Recording Co's head of digital, the fourth of our Midem Label Ambassadors!

Avicii Spotify

Alison Lamb: “Playlists are the easiest way to be creative on Spotify”

Spotify can be a viral marketing tool, says SO Recordings' product manager - find out how!


News Review: All for one and Tidal for all?

Is this the dawning of a new era of streaming? Tidal, Sony and more are in our latest News Review!

music business model

Tommy Darker: 6 music business model archetypes – Part 1

Which music business model should you choose? Follow the guidance of a 'musicpreneur' & Midem speaker!