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Black Hole #paywithatweet store

Bas Kruijssen: Unlocking your fans’ true value

Growing your fanbase is great. Rewarding them with initiatives like #paywithatweet is even better, says Black Hole's new media manager

Phantom of the Paradise Midem music industry

News Review: Where is music’s relationship with technology headed?

Music and tech? It's complicated... but full of promise! Our latest industry news digest reveals how...

Paul Lamere Midem Hack Day 2011

The Best of Midem Hack Day: Six Clicks to Imogen, by Paul Lamere

Midem Hack Day will be five next year! What are its best hacks so far? Let's start with 2011!

Direct to fan

Jessie Scoullar: Which is the best direct-to-fan platform?

Wicksteed Works' director presents an in-depth study of the best D2F services available today

Tomorrow's Modern Boxes BitTorrent

News Review: Thom Yorke strikes back, Apple strikes out

BitTorrent, U2, streaming and... virtual reality Coldplay all feature in our latest music industry digest. Enjoy!

Keyboard with Crowd Funding Button.

Bas Kruijssen: How Crowdfunding can help Labels… and vice versa

For Black Hole Recordings' new media manager, crowdfunding platforms and labels can co-exist and thrive

Lukas Camenzind DIY

Lukas Camenzind: Why DIY musicians should avoid the ‘tool trap’

Ideas will always be more important than online tool choices, argues the founder of digital marketing agency Posteram

On Soundcloud

News Review: The long, hard road to music monetisation

Streams are up, downloads are down... so where does this leave the music industry? And how can technology help?

Music fan campaigns

Alison Lamb: Music campaigns must put the fan at the fore

How Flipagram, JamCam, Shazam and other mobile apps are fostering creativity in fan campaigns, according to SO Recordings' product manager

Music Tech Fest MTF

Andrew Dubber: Technology IS the music industry

Music Tech Fest's director explains why the real opportunity for music now lies in the culture of digital environments