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Alison Lamb music identification

Alison Lamb: Why music identification could make all the difference for the music biz

SO Recordings' product manager explains how Shazam and other identification tools have come to play a crucial part in the music industry

Arctic Monkeys YouTube

News Review: Can indies get a fair deal on tech platforms?

The YouTube furore; Soundcloud equity issues; the Walkman's high-res renaissance and more in our first ever industry digest!

Kahlil Ashanti, Indiloop

Interview: Indiloop’s Kahlil Ashanti: “Trying to get it right first time harms success”

MidemLab 2014 finalist Indiloop aims “to democratise the remix and become the Instagram of music,” no less!

Alison-Wenham indie

Interview with AIM & WIN’s Alison Wenham: “The future is bright, the future is indie!”

The chairman/CEO of the Association of Independent Music explains how indies can thrive in a digital world

Leena Sowambur Music Industry Entrepreneurs

Leena Sowambur: How can music industry entrepreneurs thrive during the recovery?

Positively Music's founder outlines opportunities for small to medium music companies

Children of Bodom website

Marcus Taylor: 7 tips for creating a band website that works

Want to create your own website? Venture Harbour's founder explains how to build an efficient one, step by step!

Bas Grasmayer

Are labels innovating enough? An interview with Zvooq’s Bas Grasmayer

For the product lead at Russian streaming service Zvooq, some labels have "no idea" about technology; but there are promising signs

DJ music distributor

Bas Kruijssen: How distributors can empower artists

Why music distributors are more relevant today than ever, by Black Hole Recordings' new media manager

Outside the box 8

Outside the Box: A Beyond Music Entertainment review, issue 8

Be inspired by this exclusive round-up of key developments in entertainment and media!

Tommy Darker Smart Decisions

Tommy Darker: Smart Decisions: What Artists Need To Know

The UK-based ‘musicpreneur’ explains why better decision-making can make all the difference for musicians