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Victor Conradsson streaming tips

Victor Conradsson: 7 ways to engage directly with fans via streaming services

Believe Digital’s senior sales and training manager's interaction tips for streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer and Rdio

WhatsApp Facebook © Shutterstock

Bas Kruijssen: What Facebook’s WhatsApp buyout could mean for music

The social network’s $19bn acquisition certainly made the headlines. But what could it mean for music ?

Marcus Taylor Midem 2014

Marcus Taylor: What makes things go viral in the music industry?

What are the best ways to ensure fans spread the word about you? Venture Harbour's founder exposes tried-and-tested strategies

Emily Gonneau

Emily Gonneau: What being a woman in music is really like

“Women are judged on the basis of our gender before we utter a word or thought,” says the artist manager & Unicum Music founder

Lyor Cohen at Midem 2014 © DESJARDINS / IMAGE & CO

Kira Grunenberg: Why data-driven music-tech consolidation is good for the industry

300 and Twitter; Spotify and The Echo Nest; Beats Music and Topspin... here's why they're all good for music!

Midem 2014 Wrap panel

Alison Lamb: Fan engagement, marketing & streaming to level up in 2014

Now the post-Midem dust has settled, SO Recordings' product manager shares her learnings for the year ahead

Personal Summer Fest

Contagious Insight: Festival-goers, get Personal

The Argentinian mobile operator has launched a multi-featured app to accompany its free summer music festival


Midem 2014 Music Business Wrap: Back to Growth?

Key quotes, news and more from Midem 2014; and click through for the official Quick Review in full!

Emily White and Seymour Stein

Emily White: Why Midem is Crucial for our Artists and Companies

"Midem is the global centrepiece of the modern music industry", says artist manager White

Crilio at Midem Festival 2014, © Desjardins/Image & Co

Interview: Criolo: “Music is an expression of love; that helps people carry on”

We spoke to one of the biggest stars of Midem's focus on Brazil about the industry crisis, new media... and Midem!