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Denzyl Feigelson: Getting Things Done – the art of efficiency, productivity & organisational clarity

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Denzyl Feigelson

There is so much information swirling about, I was going to comment on all the music excitement going on, but I thought I’d pre-empt that with a discussion about productivity – a question of time and balance.

So much to pay attention to. What is relevant? We already see the need and proliferation of filtering services to sort out what your interests are and where you are willing to put your time and eyeballs. There seems to be a common theme among busy folks these days – intense incoming flow of information, a sense of “not enough time in the day”, 1000′s of emails, to-do’s, opportunities, future planning, job-loss, industry woes, excitement, optimism and so forth.

Many years ago, I had a chance meeting with an extraordinary man – David Allen. David is the founder of The David Allen Company and the author of the now 2 million sold copies of the book GTD – Getting Things Done. Last year I gave away several boxes of the book to people I know and work with, and it has resulted in a common language of how to really get things done in this technological age. David has a great tips & tools section on his site. One of the key learnings for me, is to clear my plate of to-do’s and projects, to have a clear mind and to save some ram for creativity and fun!

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  1. On March 30, 2009 at 7:07 am Bruce Houghton said:

    Thanks Denzyl/ David Allen and GTD has helped bring clarity to my life and business as well; though I admit its easy to fall of the wagon. We’ve brought his trainers into company meetings and sent staffers to seminars. In fact, I fly to Atlanta this week to attend a refresher course with a Skyline Music teammate.
    Now if only we could get others in the industry to adopt GTD; maybe they’d learn to return phone calls and emails a bit better and the “Waiting For” portion of my to-do list would become a bit more manageable. :>)