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Denzyl Feigelson: Living in the Application Age

I got to spend time with almost 70 bands/artists - gaining a reflection in to the pulse of the industry...


Denzyl Feigelson

I’ve had the good fortune to have spent the whole month of July and many months leading up to it, working on the 3rd annual iTunes Festival in London. During July, I got to spend time with almost 70 bands/artists – gaining a reflection in to the pulse of the industry, at least from an artist perspective. In general, artists and managers I spoke with are upbeat, positive, optimistic about sales and income, and all within a new paradigm structure that is taking place.

I also spent a little less time at the office and on the computer, and what I realized is how we use “applications” as tools to get what we need in the form of information, and in getting things done. The festival itself this year, used a multitude of applications to communicate with fans regarding tickets, line-up,fan comments, the recordings, interviews etc…There was of course an iPhone App, and using the power of a iTunes portal on Facebook was a vital tool. During the month, one was able to keep up with friends through the use of social media apps, and also to get all the info you needed from places such as twitter and iPhone App’s. We now use apps for so many uses – only some that I use are; the daily news, a tuner for my guitar, a decibel meter for the live shows, make and check my flights, the weather in all the cities I’m curious about, study a new language for my upcoming holiday, currency exchange, being able to communicate with all my ichat/IM friends & associates, globally, no matter what app they use, track my expenses, update my workout log, practice piano scales, seeing which artists I’m tracking are up to, use the new MobileMe iDisk app to be able to get documents and files when needed and away from the computer, play scrabble, watch my favorite TED video’s, use the “Things” app to track projects, expenses and to-do lists, follow who I want to on twitter – and so forth. Luckily I’m not addicted to any games! All on the comfort of my iPhone, and all while having the busiest month of the year.

During July, I was invited to TED Global for a day, and if you can, please watch some of the video’s and bright minds that converged in Oxford this year.

We love Apps, they are useful and fun, and it certainly feels like its the very beginning of better things to come.

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