It’s been an astonishingly busy MIDEM on Twitter, with a tidal wave of #MIDEM/#MidemNet comments and our live posts being retweeted like there’s no tomorrow. So what better way to sum up the market than to show you the most retweeted @MidemNetBlog live content posts? The MidemNet apps & music panel (photo) on Sunday was easily the most tweeted-about MIDEM session, thanks to artist Amanda Palmer’s tweeting Interscope’s Ted Mico’s “apps are like babies” quote; and Shazam’s David Fisher saying his company drives an incredible 300,000 song downloads a day.

Thankyou for following and stay with us year-round for exclusive content updates, including edited conference videos, online magazines, and more guest blog posts. And a particularly big thank you to Music Ally’s Stuart Dredge, our star live blogger.

In the meantime, enjoy MIDEM 2010 at a glance!

  • CatherineDunn8 RT @MidemNetBlog:
    Gerd’s social
    media tips post updated with his slides: essential reading! http://blog.midem.com/2010/01/liveblog-gerd-leonhards-social-media-tips/
  • davidjoneshavas RT @MidemNetBlog:
    David Jones,
    Havas Worldwide’s headline session in full video only on http://www.midem.com. Report: http://blog.midem.com/2010/01/live-post-conversation-with-david-jones-of-havas-worldwide/
  • Kirpus Yes he
    does: Faith No More, Kylie
    Minogue, Garbage & now Temper Trap: Mushroom’s Michael Gudinski
    knows talent. (via @MidemNetBlog)
  • eugen12 RT @vanksen:
    Time spent on social
    media rose 82% in ’09 re. Nielsen/StrategyEye. Re. #MIDEM http://bit.ly/60XgEi /via @MidemNetBlog
  • vonbrucken RT @MidemNetBlog:
    Managers of
    Arctic Monkeys, David Guetta and Lily Allen speak on http://www.midem.com now!
  • DannyDee RT @buzzsonic 42pg PDF study. ‘Music
    Consumption Around the World ‘ via @billboardbiz + @MidemNetBlog http://bit.ly/4qZVmN (4.5mb file)
  • synergytim RT @MidemNetBlog:
    Artists “most
    strategic” partners in Coca-Cola #WorldCup #sponsorship http://blog.midem.com/2010/01/live-post-top-brands-talk-music-strategy/
  • jvermasheina RT @MidemNetBlog:
    60 million Rock
    Band song downloads and counting… Music and Games panel w Activision,
    MTV & Ubisoft http://ow.ly/105Vk
  • rodrigovelascoa RT @MidemNetBlog:
    Spotify and
    YouTube session live report: http://blog.midem.com/2010/01/live-post-spotify-and-youtube-in-conversation/ #MIDEM
  • b1kini ::
    brilliant RT @MidemNetBlog: 30
    years ago you paid for music and water was free, now you pay for water
    and music is free – David Jones
  • elcarpo RT: @gleonhard:
    RT @MidemNetBlog:
    Gerd Leonhard’s just-finished presentation: latest version now on blog! http://blog.midem.com/2010/01/my-presentation-the-new-generatives-selling-music-in-a-connected-world/ @gleonhard
  • mulene Farewell
    till next year RT @MidemNetBlog:
    Our last full MIDEM conference video is now online: enjoy them all! http://www.midem.com


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