Cleeng is a tool for content publishers which enables them to hide parts of their content and allow access on a pay-per-view basis. No need to lock everything away in a members only premium zone of your site!



Getonic allows for the sale of content on social networks like Facebook, allowing your fans to become sales delegates. Oh and they use 2 Unlimited in this trailer, which is bound to win them some points!



Menyou – short for “me and you” – is a platform designed to enable its users to monetise content. Like Getonic, it allows anyone to resell content, via dedicated widgets, which can be posted anywhere.



Musicsoft Arts makes music apps such as DJ Mixer, of which branded – and free – versions have been made for DJs like Carl Cox (video). Their apps offer numerous monetisation features, including in-app purchasing.



Mybee is a “demonetised payment system” aimed notably at music festivals, using RFID and barcord technology to pay for services like food, drink or merchandise, which are debited from a central, prepaid account.



Ondango allows brands to sell products directly on their Facebook pages, with special features like daily deals. Simple and effective!



WildChords aims to address the 85% of people who quite learning a musical instrument by making learning into a game. The player is as such rewarded for striking the right chords on the guitar… by being followed by monkeys!




sonicangel is a crowdfunding platform with a difference: it has built-in social media monitoring to keep track of which bands are the most tweeted-about right now.




Tunerights is “a stock exchange for music”, so essentially a crowdfunding platform too, as “fans become investors” in bands; the focus here is particularly on simplicity and revenue sharing.


Weezevent is an all-in-one ticketing tools that allows event organisers  to create their own ticketing service, free of charge. No English-language video demo is available; but you can meet them & their fellow finalists at midem!


All of the above finalists will present their services to an expert panel – featuring Facebook, Groupon, The Echo Nest and more  – at midem, Sunday January 29. The winners will be revealed at midem’s Visionary Monday, January 30.

Next up: meet the ten finalists of midemlab’s final category, Marketing and Social Engagement!


Watch all of this category’s finalists as a YouTube playlist here; and discover midemlab’s Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation category finalists here.

More about midemlab here




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James Martin is Head of Social Media for Midem organisers Reed MIDEM. This includes defining and rolling out Midem's social media strategy, editing midemblog, influencer outreach, developing Midem's fanbase of 75,000+ music professionals and more.


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