midem and Cannes Services: a clarification

It has come to our attention that midem contacts may have received messages like the one pictured here, offering yacht rental services during midem.


Cannes Yacht Charters

midem’s organiser, Reed MIDEM, does not offer this service. Nor does it partner with the Cannes-based companies offering similar services.

We are currently contacting these companies, to ask them to stop. If you receive unsolicited email advertising such services, please contact us at customerhelpdesk@reedmidem.com.

We are also looking into how these companies obtain midem contacts’ emails. It is Reed MIDEM’s policy never to sell its databases to third parties.

Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


The midem team


For the full list of midem’s official onsite services, please click here.


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