Visionary Monday morning wrap: Brands, Angry Birds, startups & hacks

The heads of Saatchi & Saatchi and Rovio joined cutting-edge startups onstage this morning


VIsionary Monday Mikael Hed

Today is a busy day for midem’s digital attendees, with the Visionary Monday strand throwing a bunch of quickfire presentations at us. Here are some morning highlights.

Topspin’s Ian Rogers kicked off by pointing out that the two important groups in this industry are musicians, and fans. For anyone in the middle: “We either provide value to the people at those ends, or we go the way of the dinosaur,” he said.

Then, Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts told the music industry to “stop whingeing” about business models, and start focusing on getting fans involved in the music. “Your role is not to market stuff to people, but to create a movement,” he said.

“Business is a blood sport. You’ve gotta be able to win. And the reason I’m excited about music is music helps me win. Music is the fastest shortcut to the heart. Nothing builds emotion like music.”

Roberts wants music companies – and indeed all companies – to stop focusing on building brands, and instead build ‘lovemarks’ – which are ‘owned’ by the people who love them, not by the companies.

“Just as marketing is dead, brands are dead. Brands have become commodities. Everything’s a brand and nothing’s a brand. We’ve created a new thought, you’ve got to make your brand much bigger: it’s got to become a lovemark.”

We also saw the winners of the midemlab contest, with curated radio app MPme, social livestreaming widget Crowdsurfing and educational app/game WildChords scooping the prizes, with Webdoc taking a special award from Vivendi. Full details and winner interviews here.

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed (photo) gave a very good interview to Evolver.fm’s Eliot von Buskirk, talking about how the Angry Birds developer tackles piracy – both of its apps and of the physical products that it has spun off them.

We could learn a lot from the music industry, and the rather terrible ways the music industry has tried to combat piracy,” he said.

“It would be futile to try to eradicate all the piracy through legal means – pursuing the pirates… We are doing that too, but mostly in cases when we feel the products that pirates are doing are harmful, either to the brand image or to the customers.”

Instead, Rovio sees piracy as a way to create new fans for Angry Birds. “Piracy may not be a bad thing: it can get us more business at the end of the day.”

Finally, two excellent hacks were shown from midem hack day. TourrentPlans uses data on illegal filesharing of artists’ music to suggest where they should tour, while Midem Music Machine used algorithms to generate beautiful animations for tracks. Get the lowdown on all the hacks here.

More to come, so stay tuned.


Music Ally‘s Stuart Dredge will be filing regular reports for midemblog throughout midem. Follow him on Twitter here!

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