Music hack Covify lets you scan CDs into Spotify

Scan a CD's cover to add it to your music streaming collection. What could be simpler?


Covify onstage demo

The winners of TNW Conference’s hackathon late April tackled a common but as-yet-unadressed problem for format-shifting music lovers: what do I do with all those CDs on the shelf that I don’t listen to anymore?

Covify‘s solution: rather than laboriously enter each album name into Spotify, why not show my computer the album via its webcam, and let data & image recognition do all the work?

Covify also exists as an iPhone app, currently in beta  but demonstrated in the below video (imagine taking it to a record shop!). Also in the video, Spotify‘s head of hacker relations Andrew Mager, who said “we’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a really cool integration.”



The video ends with an animated explanation of how Covify works.

You can also go to their website & try it yourself, but be warned: it’s currently struggling with the huge demand for the service! One to be watched very closely…

Other TNW Conference music hack highlights included Parti.fi, which promises to “kill the 30-second DJ at parties” by crowdsourcing playlists; Rijksmuseum-spotify, which plays you music from the same period as the classic artwork you’re looking at (from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum); or OfficeTun.es, which aims to make “playing Spotify music in the office conflict-free”, again by crowdsourcing preferences. Find all of the hacks made at the TNW Conference here.


Photo: © Julia de Boer, for TheNextWeb.com


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