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Stephen Taverner: Why my band’s giving remix money back to fans

Chapel Club's manager tells how the band decided to let fans both remix their work... and keep any proceedings


Chapel Club

Three years ago, Chapel Club — the band I manage — signed a deal with a big record company, recorded an album with a big producer… and then publicly had second thoughts about it all.

In 2011, the band started writing an album that they felt was more creatively in tune with where they were at before they made their debut. They toured the UK playing two sets, one featuring tracks from their debut, the other featuring all new material. The latter set saw the band ditch their guitars for keyboards and an electronic drum kit. The reviews were encouraging, with NME calling the new songs a “devastating new sound”.

In March of this year, both band and label wisely decided to part company.

In an age of dwindling record sales, where a band’s traditional income streams have been obliterated by the obligatory 360 deal, the potential for earning money is proving to be a tad elusive.

With this in mind, myself and the band set about thinking of ways to generate some income and also have a bit of fun in the process.

The Remix Project’ works like this: anyone can download the stems of a new Chapel Club song called, Good Together. The band are also giving permission for anyone to remix and release their own remix.

Whoever releases a remix gets to keep all of the master income from sales, synchronisation and any third party licensing. The band will have approval over where the remix is synched (they are open to most things, but understandably don’t want their name associated with certain non-ethical brands).

The band are on the eve of signing a new worldwide record deal, which is why we had to announce this now (no record label would want to give away their master rights like this).

Will anyone want to remix and release ? Who knows, but at least its a band trying to do something non-traditional, in what is still a very traditional industry.

To access Good Together’s stems and start remixing, head to chapelclub.com now. We look forward to hearing your work!


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