Mary Megan Peer: “D2F is becoming an important part of our A&R decisions”

The MD & VP of bizdev for publisher peermusic answered our questions ahead of her midem 2013 session...


Mary Megan Peer, peermusic

midemblog: What is direct-to-fan from a publisher’s point of view?

Mary Megan Peer: D2F is the ability for an artist to interact directly with his fans through a range of platforms (Twitter, Facebook, websites, even email). For a publisher, D2F activity is a window into the fan/artist relationship, and it demonstrates how engaged fans are, as well as how interactive the artist chooses to be with his audience online. D2F is becoming an important part of our A&R decisions as an artist’s presence and popularity on various sites are important factors in deciding when (or if) to offer a publishing deal. It provides publishers with a more personal perspective of how this relationship works for their writers and artists, and what type of feedback fans are providing. D2F provides artists and managers with an avenue of communication to fans they can segment by geography (for example sending concert information to those who live in the area of the show), interest level (some fans want to hear from artists every week, other prefer to only hear when there are new albums or tour dates) and preferred mode of digital communication.


> What are the particular features of publishing in South America?

Music is a pervasive part of the culture in many countries in the region, and music listening and enjoyment has never been higher than it is in 2012. The market has been slower to move online than most other regions, but the launch of iTunes in November 2011 has changed this in some countries. Much of the South American music market has struggled with physical piracy, which is being replaced by online piracy through torrent sites. For publishers, these rapid changes in the digital market present challenges in licensing and collecting rights, similar to challenges in other regions. We have been able to leverage our experiences in other regions to negotiate new licenses and agreements as digital services launch throughout South America.

> What will midem participants learn by attending your session?

We’re going to discuss the benefits we see in D2F from the perspective of a publisher, including building a fan base and getting direct, immediate feedback from those fans. Artists will hear more about how publishers use D2F as a tool to learn more about the artist, their music and their fan base. I’m looking forward to sharing some examples of D2F work peermusic has done in conjunction with our writers around the world.


More about midem 2013’s conference programme here

Mary Megan Peer is managing director & VP of business development for peermusic in Argentina. More about here company: www.peermusic.com



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