midem Hack Day 2013: The hacks revealed!

Here's what 30 resourceful hackers have come up with in 48 hours here at midem!


[EXPLICIT] Feedback, by Oscar Celma, lets you give the middle finger to your computer when it plays a song you don’t like, or show your approval if you don’t like it! (photo by Ching-Wei Chen)


WhatSamples, by Ching-Wei Chen and Matthias Rath, allows you to detect what samples are used in what songs, automatically. The idea was submitted on Saturday at midem, by artist manager Emily Gonneau.


VidSwappr, by Ben Fields, allows you to change the music of a video and sync it to the images, like above, where Ghostbusters meet Gangnam Style. Smart!


Made by midem Hack Day regular Paul Lamere, Girl Talk in a Box lets you interact with your music. While a song is playing, you can take control, speeding it up, slowing it down and skipping beats.


Music Collective, by Yuli Levtov, Ragnar Hrafnkelsson, Joe White & Martin Roth, is an online music game based on the phenomenon of how many people, when working together, form a collective ‘hive mind’.


SoundCard is a business card for musicians and music lovers, by Robb Böhnke & Luis Miguel Cabanzo.


RadioMe, by Filip 7d, lets you create your very own radio station
based on your favourite playlists and tracks.


Sparetick, by Vivien Barousse, helps people find (or get rid of) tickets to show they want to go to (or can’t go to), using Twitter.


Ephemeral Playback, by Alastair Porter, takes the idea of slow music and slows it down even further. Once you’ve listened to a song, you must share it via Twitter; and you can’t listen to it again…


Tap Along, by Nicolas Froment, is an iOS and Android app that let you pick a sheet music from the growing collection on MuseScore.com and let you play it, just by tapping the screen in rythm.

MusicQuiz, by Alex Branea, is a Windows 8 store app where people listen to 30 second song previews, and then try to guess the artist and song title.

Trackdropr, by Alexandre Passant, lets you drop tracks in places nearby, and pick surprise tracks left by others.

RockStar, by Pierre-loic Doulcet, is a super-simple game that lets you play guitar simply by making gestures in front of your computer.

LeapMix, by Adam Howard, lets you control audio tracks with your hands…

mouzu, by Adam Rogers, awards foursquare-esque badges for listening to music.

Miri, by Aaron Randall, is a voice-controlled personal assistant that specialises in answering music-related questions (music + Siri, geddit? :) ).

Carly, by Jonathan Romley, is an iPad app that’s all Carly Rae Jepsen, all the time. But this is craaaaazy!

Follow Me, by Ben Baudart, allows you to map social networks’ geo-tagged elements – such as artists’ events, pictures & tweets – on a 3D globe.


Congrats to all the hackers: now get some well-earned rest!

Hack details sourced from here: will be updated with assets since this post went up during midem :)


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