“Breaking the Law of Silence” by La Chose (France)

Every year, Amnesty International holds a Marathon of Signatures to assist the law of silence’s victims, and to support and defend the rights of persons in danger. They intend to influence political authorities which do not respect those persons’ rights. Late 2011, Amnesty used a special web application so that each new signature added a new note to a hymn, composed especially by Franco-Israeli singer-songwriter Yael Naim. In less than one week, the NGO gathered 150 000 signatures to defend the 12 persons in danger; a 500% increase compared with 2010’s campaign.


“Green Day live in New York City presented by Nokia Music and AT&T” by MAC Presents (USA)

MAC Presents worked with Nokia and AT&T’s teams to identify Green Day as the band who best aligned with the programme goals to launch Nokia Music (click for video). Fans completed social actions in order to win tickets to Green Day’s concert in New York City, and three songs from their performance were live streamed. Additionally, Green Day created three playlists available on Nokia Music, and Green Day’s album “Uno!” was streamed on the co-branded Facebook tab before it was released to the public.


“Make the City Sound Better – The Sound Taxi” by AIAIAI (Denmark)

“Make the City Sound Better” is the name of the campaign for AIAIAIs headphone, the Capital. The brand teamed up with Yuri Suzuki and his team to make the “Sound Taxi“. It is equipped with a microphone that records the surrounding noise of the city. Specially-designed software analyses the frequencies of these noises, and uses them to generate unique music in real time.


“Move To The Beat” by Cake (UK)

For the London 2012 Olympic Games, Coca-Cola’s ambition was to create a storytelling platform that would bring together the youth of the world around London 2012. The “Move to the Beat” of London 2012 campaign featured the Mark Ronson-produced “Anywhere in the World” anthem, which saw Mark travel across the world to meet young Olympic athletes and record the unique sounds of their individual sports. Results include activation in 110 markets worldwide, 45.7 million video views, 242 million social media impressions, 1.5 million new global social media fans; and the documentary (above) was viewed 4 million times on Vimeo.


“MTV Gif Me More Party” by Buzzman (France)

For this campaign (click for case study video), Buzzman chose to use MTV’s music expertise to create never-seen before brand content. On one side, the agency gathered all the different mobile usages (text messages, data, voice and social networks) to create five short stories based on the codes of MTV’s series. On the other side, Buzzman created the MTV GIF ME MORE PARTY, the first interactive music video users can experience through the eyes of 50 different characters.


“Obrigado, Brasil” by Pereira O’Dell (USA)

For the December 14th debut of JAMBOX, Pereira & O’Dell collaborated with legendary American and Brazilian artists Snoop Dogg and Marcelo D2 to release the debut of the hip hop single “Obrigado, Brasil”. Collaboration over the song itself was conducted internationally between Snoop and Marcelo via the JAMBOX Smart Speaker.


“The Dewarists” by Only Much Louder (India)

The Dewarists is a music documentary/travelogue, which sees musicians from distinctly different musical backgrounds – including Imogen Heap – coming together to explore beautiful destinations across India, and making original music. By the end of the journey, the collaborating artists compose a track that reflects not only their respective genres and influences but also ropes in the sounds and culture of the place they travel to.


“The Sound of Creation” by DDB & Tribal Amsterdam (Netherlands)

To demonstrate Philips’s ‘obsession with sound’ and show real music lovers the craftsmanship that goes in to creating the brand’s audio products, DDB & Tribal Amsterdam created an interactive audio-visual story that unfolds over nine chapters; each consisting of an inspirational story, a music loop and a video loop that come together to reveal the true story behind the nine audio products.


“Turntable Rider” by TBWA/HAKUHODO (Japan)

There are endless bicycle accidents caused by wearing headphones. Bicycle and music cannot exist together. COGOO, the rental bicycle shop, invented Turntable Rider – extreme bicycle accessories that can be attached to rental bicycles. By setting five components to the bicycle, the body becomes a musical instrument. The bike’s own wheels act as jog wheels, the brakes act as a beat pad and there’s even a gyroscopic sensor that doubles as a fader pad.


“Vodafone/Yonderboi – Soundmapping” by Vodafone (Hungary)

Everyone wants to leave a mark, but on their own, few have the creativity and resources. Vodafone set out to co-create The Soundmap with the public – an electronic pop song built out of sound samples that people from all around the country have sent in, used with the mobile operator’s 3G network.
Vodafone asked one of Hungary’s most respected musicians, Yonderboi, to be the orchestrator of the effort, to the point where nearly 500 sound/noise entries were submitted. These inspired him to create five exclusive tracks.


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