Music business spends €2.3m on content marketing: but how? And why? – Exclusive white paper

Venture Harbour's survey of 64 executives, only on midemblog!


What is content marketing? How much is the music industry investing in it? What content formats and subjects work the best and why?

All of this and more is answered by Venture Harbour in this exclusive white paper, based on a survey of 64 music industry professionals. These executives notably said they’ve spent €2.3m/£1.9m on content marketing of late.

Other key findings include:

62% of all social shares in the music industry are Facebook likes

– However, Twitter is better than Facebook at generating traffic: each tweet refers an average of 3.56 visits, whereas Facebook Likes refers 2.92 visits per share

Case studies are the most effective format of content marketing in the music industry

Google+ represents less than 0.1% of social network traffic to music industry websites

– On average, in the music industry, infographics generate 193% more social shares than blog posts

– Artist exploitation, piracy, and low incomes are among the most shareable topics in the music industry.


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Venture Harbour is a digital marketing agency founded by Marcus Taylor (who also happens to be the winner of our last “Speak at Midem” competition!) Follow Venture Harbour on Twitter here, and Marcus here.


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