Who needs Labels? Black Hole Recordings’ Bas Kruijssen answers

The new media manager of the Tiesto co-founded dance music label chimes in!



For Bas Kruijssen, new media manager of Black Hole Recordings, the Dutch dance music label co-founded by Tiesto, artists pondering whether they should sign to a label might want to ask themselves “do I have enough time to focus on my creative process” and at the same time do “all the stuff that people don’t see”, namely distribution, promotion and more? In other words, what labels do…

“If you draw a picture of how many people that artist would need (without a label), there are about four or five… So I think there’s so much added value in a label.” Kruijssen notably gave the example of social media support, stating that “a label’s background in social media can help artists enlarge their own network,” and help out specifically by organising Google+ Hangouts or Soundrop chats with fans. “That’s definitely something a label should do,” said Kruijssen.


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