Midemlab: The winners revealed!

Four of the hottest startups in music were honoured as Midemlab winners today. Here they are!


Midemlab 2014 winners


Music Discovery, Recommendation and Creation category


Nagual Dance, a gesture-based musical instrument that captures 3D data via a camera, took the prize in this category; Nagual Sounds’ CMO Matthias Strobel accepted the prize.


Marketing & Social Engagement category


Starlize, which uses predefined 15-45 second templates which allow its users to make fan-made music videos, won this category. Mobile Motion founder & CEO Roland Grenke accepted the prize.


Direct to Consumer Sales and Content Monetisation category


Weezic, which builds a virtual and customisable orchestra from a paper score to accompany the musician, turn pages, and highlight mistakes in realtime, won this category. Co-founder Grégory Dell’Era accepted the prize.


Vivendi “Coup de coeur” category


A special prize from Midemlab sponsor Vivendi was granted to Cubic.fm, which connects Deezer and Spotify within a single global network. Co-founder Erdem Gelal accepted the prize.

Thanks to all Midemlab 2014 participants, and to our sponsors, Vivendi & Pepsi!


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