These 30 highly promising music and entertainment startups will compete for the ultimate Midemlab prize in June! Check out their descriptions and demo videos in the three playlists – one per category – below. They will all pitch at Midem this June.


Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation category

Conceived as a music sharing and messaging app, Audioshot (US) helps music fans share songs through​ Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

Chew helps DJs broadcast their performances live, in both audio and video, from anywhere in the world, to a global audience (UK).

FeedYourMusic is a feedback-based online music education platform, created by AllThatSeries (Korea).

A video app, Fusic (Israel) lets music fans instantly star in their own clips, with selfies.

neoScores (Belgium) offers a digital alternative to sheet music.

SoundBetter (Israel) describes itself as a music creation marketplace. (Video coming soon)

Soundsgood (France) allows influencers to curate its music discovery service.

The Best Song (France) wants to be “TripAdvisor for music”.

TRADiiO (Portugal) is a reward-based music discovery platform.

VOX (USA) was created by Coppertino as a lossless and high resolution music player.


Marketing, Social Engagement & Monetisation Solution category

CampaignAmp (UK) provides project management tools & analytics via a music marketing platform.

Clowdy (UK) aims to connect the world’s creatives on one platform.

DICE (UK) handpicks the best gigs in London and offers tickets without booking fees. (Video coming soon)

ehco (USA) is the new giving channel for music and entertainment, created by The Entertainment Helping Company.

Entertainment Factory (Turkey) provides creators, producers, labels and studios with marketing tools & services.

FireChat introduces a new way to chat with people around you – even if there is no internet connection or mobile phone coverage, by Open Garden (USA).

Laniakea Music (UK) is an artist-centric multi-channel network, helping artists maximise monetisation on YouTube.

Linkfire (Denmark) provides smart links for music marketing and helps music marketing professionals route fans to tracks, albums, artists and playlists in a wide array of music services.

UniqueSound (USA) claims to be the world’s largest marketplace of composers.

Vinyl It (France) gives anyone the opportunity to create their own vinyl record.


Hardware/Internet of Things category

FretX is a smart device for guitar learning, created by Labana (France).

Hooke (USA) claims to be a GoPro for sound: a pair of wireless headphones which also captures audio in a “3D”, immersive format.

A UK-based platform for interactive audio, Immersive Album helps create 3D environments and 360 videos across devices.

Lucie Labs (France) has created a smart wristband for music fans to augment their live music experiences.

Phonotonic (France) has created the first wearable smart object that turns any movement into music.

A learning device, Prizm (France) automatically plays music depending on your context, which can include the people around you.

The Basslet wristband by Rescued Ideas (Germany) allows music fans to experience music in 3D.

The Q is a smart home audio and lighting platform, created by Belleds Technologies (USA).

Trak (France) allows you to leave a party with the playlist of your night.

VideoStitch (France) gives you an apportunity to create live 3D virtual reality videos. (Video coming soon)


These 30 startups will pitch to our expert jury from next June 5 & 6 in Cannes. Good luck to all! Midemlab is presented by Pepsi and VivendiFind out more about the competition here.

Top photo via Phonotonic.



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