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Michael Schneider

Liveblog: Mobile Roadie on the music potential in mobile apps

CEO Michael Schneider encourages MIDEM-goers to start getting their apps made

Michael Schneider

Guest post: Michael Schneider: 2011 – The Year of Mobile

We keep saying that, and it just might be true this time, says Mobile Roadie's CEO

Toby Langley

Guest post: Toby Langley: Live to the palm of your hand — The future of concert broadcast?

Transgressive music group founder & MidemNet speaker Toby L shares his enthusiasm about the live streaming of concerts to phones and handset devices...

Eric Wahlforss

Meet a Hacker: Soundcloud’s Eric Wahlforss

Ahead of MIDEM Hack Day, January 24, we asked leading hackers to tell us how what they do helps the industry. It really does!

Nielsen Mobile Apps & Streaming survey

Music mobile apps and music streaming services | Exclusive Nielsen survey

Did you know the Take That app was downloaded 100,000 times in its first week of release? This enlightening report explains why...


Dave Haynes: Announcing MIDEM Hack Day

Music geeks rejoice! Music Hack Day organiser Dave Haynes (SoundCloud) is bringing this innovative music app-development event to MIDEM…

Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider: Why you should pay more attention to mobile than to your website

For Mobile Roadie's CEO, done right, mobile can mean money for music. Here's how...

Dominic Pride 2

Guest post: Where Are You Baby? Getting it right with music apps.

The Sound Horizon’s Dominic Pride talks music apps!...

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