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Emily Gonneau

Emily Gonneau: Have artists lost their voice?

Are the times still a-changin’? Or do today’s mainstream artists just not care about the bigger picture? Manager Emily Gonneau is concerned...

Matthias Glatschke, Songpier

Matthias Glatschke: Why it’s a fantastic time to be an artist

For the CEO of artist promotion service & midemlab 2011 finalist Songpier, there's never been a better time to be a musician

Emily White

Emily White: Artists: Don’t fear 21st century publishing!

There's nothing to fear and everything (for artists) to gain, argues the artist manager, prior to her D2F publishing session next Monday

Sydney Wayser

Emily White: How Niche and Mainstream will Intertwine in 2013… and Beyond

The digital revolution of this millennium has led to an explosion of new artist careers both big and small, says DIY artist manager White...

If it's not social, it's not media

If it’s not social, it’s not media: Engagement tips for artists & brands

88% of consumers won't buy from brands who don't answer on social media. Our 7 engagement tips...

Emily White

Emily White: How can we Compete with Free?

The current environment may be challenging: but it offers more opportunities than ever before, says DIY artist manager White

Kurt Lane Domino

Interview with Kurt Lane, Domino: Taking bands social

We talked to Domino's digital head about how one of the world's best-respected indie labels helps its artists make the most of social media

Emily Gonneau

Emily Gonneau: Beware, Facebook; You’re on a very slippery slope…

What's wrong with 'the' social network for musicians and artists? Plenty, according to the manager of OK Go (EU), Emilie Chick & more

King Charles at midem 2010

Laura Whitticase, PRS for Music: How to get funding for overseas development

An interview with the applications coordinator for British music abroad, at independent label conference Indie Con

Future of Music Coalition survey

Grants & fans remain key artist revenue streams; Brands growing – FMC white paper

Given by the Future of Music Coalition's Kristin Thomson at midem 2012, this is a "first look" presentation FMC's survey of 5,000 US artists, on where their revenues come from.