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Juan Atkins

Interview with Juan Atkins: “I wish people would be more open-minded!”

We spoke to the 'Godfather of Techno' after his keynote session at Midem 2015

Sammy Andrews

Interview with Sammy Andrews: “There’s never been a better time for artists to monetise fanbases”

Welcome to our latest Midem Label Ambassador, Cooking Vinyl’s Head of Digital!

Irwin Z. Robinson

Interview with Irwin Z. Robinson: “It all starts with a song”

This year's ICMP Ralph Peer II Award winner shares insight on publishing issues and challenges

Sam Lee Deezer

Interview with Sam Lee: “We’ve built up a strong editorial voice for Deezer”

How important are playlists for driving listening to streaming platforms? Deezer's editor gives us some insight


Interview: Jason Reed: “Genuine enthusiasm can go a long way” in the music industry

Meet Domino Recording Co's head of digital, the fourth of our Midem Label Ambassadors!

artist accelerator

Interview with Ellen Healy: “Music has always been deeply ingrained into the Pepsi brand”

Why is Pepsi a partner of the new talent programme Midem Artist Accelerator? Find out...

Jazz Atkin

Interview with Jazz Atkin: “Watching in real-time as fans fall in love with a record”

Meet Mom+Pop's digital marketing manager, our second Midem Label Ambassador!

Matt Riley Spotify

Interview: Matt Riley: “Never under-estimate the power of your networks”

Meet AWAL/Kobalt Label Services' head of digital marketing, the first of our Midem Label Ambassadors!

Delphine Ferré, Deezer

Interview with Delphine Ferré: Labels should “think of Deezer first when launching new artists”

With Pepsi, Deezer is a partner of the new Midem Artist Accelerator. Here's why!

Syd Lawrence Midem Hack Day 2012

The Best of Midem Hack Day: MyNight & Artistify, by Syd Lawrence

Our look back at the best of Midem Hack Day's past five years continues with the particularly outstanding 2012 edition