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Syd Lawrence Midem Hack Day 2012

The Best of Midem Hack Day: MyNight & Artistify, by Syd Lawrence

Our look back at the best of Midem Hack Day's past five years continues with the particularly outstanding 2012 edition

Kahlil Ashanti, Indiloop

Interview: Indiloop’s Kahlil Ashanti: “Trying to get it right first time harms success”

MidemLab 2014 finalist Indiloop aims “to democratise the remix and become the Instagram of music,” no less!

Bas Grasmayer

Are labels innovating enough? An interview with Zvooq’s Bas Grasmayer

For the product lead at Russian streaming service Zvooq, some labels have "no idea" about technology; but there are promising signs

Crilio at Midem Festival 2014, © Desjardins/Image & Co

Interview: Criolo: “Music is an expression of love; that helps people carry on”

We spoke to one of the biggest stars of Midem's focus on Brazil about the industry crisis, new media... and Midem!


Interview: CALLmeKAT: The key to fan interaction? Put yourself in their shoes!

We spoke to one of the winners of the Play Live at Midem competition about D2F and social media

Patrick Walker YouTube

Interview: Patrick Walker, Base79: Labels are “missing millions” on YouTube

For the MCN's head of content, music companies simply need to claim their content to monetise it

Lee Morrison

Interview with Believe Digital’s Lee Morrison: Back to growth?

More promotion opportunities mean more growth potential, says the digital distributor's head of sales & new business

Kevin Arnold, OpenAura

Interview: Kevin Arnold: OpenAura, a new solution for beyond-music assets

midemblog spoke to the former head of IODA about his new venture, OpenAura, in pre-launch here at Midem

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo: “Technology makes it easier for us to connect with fans”

midemblog spoke to the Korean hip-hop act ahead of their performance at Midem Festival

Horst Weidenmuller

Who needs labels? Rather: who’s making the investment, says !K7′s Horst Weidenmuller

Artists will always need labels' structure and expertise, says indie figurehead Weidenmuller