As the current crop of ‘real’ rock stars diminishes (at least for those of us old enough to remember what it was like in the good old days) so it seems the geeks are coming in to take their place. Like it or not, at times it has seemed as if the likes of Napster founder Shawn Fanning,’s Michael Robertson or MySpace’s Tom Anderson are more famous than the music their services have distributed.

But there are good reasons for this. While technology has certainly democratised the process of creating music, widening the creative possibilities, its impact on the business side has arguably been still more dramatic. Technology has enabled a whole bunch of entrepreneurs to come in and shake up the music business.

And the aim of the Music Ally/MidemNet New Business Showcase is to try and identify the next generation of these entrepreneurs and give them a helping hand with the publicity of recognition – particularly important at a time of credit crunch and economic woes. The showcase will feature half a dozen of the best new business ideas and start-ups that we can find from around the world. Each of these will receive a free pass to both MidemNet and Midem and free accomodation.

Last year’s winners included an innovative new electronic instrument from Barcelona (the ReacTable), an earpiece which plays a single song just once (the Musicdrop) and a technology to provide foreign language versions of original vocal tracks without the singer having to sing the song in that language (Voxonic).

Any company or budding entrepreneur can apply. The important point is the strength and potential of the idea. But time is running out. So get along now to this address before November 17 and submit your applications now.  Good luck!

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