In addition to expressing my gratitude to the Reed Midem team for making me feel welcome and hosting such a well run and informative event, here are a few random personal takeaways from Midemnet/Midem 2009.

  • It really is all about the fan. I went into Midem thinking it was a good soundbite and left believing that it may be all we need to know to move the industry forward. Listen to the fan. Serve them. Offer them quality, convenience and choice. I don’t know if they’ll reward you if you do; but I guarantee that they’ll punish you if you don’t
  • I heard comments that the music industry has finally moved from conflict to collaboration. There is truth in that, but collaboration implies a transaction and in Web 2.0 it can’t always be about making money. Where we really need to be headed is communication– with each other (rights holders + startups, for example) and more importantly between artists and fans.
  • It’s been said thatwe’ve gone from making analog dollars to digital dimes. While collecting all those dimes is important, so is connecting with fans on a level that can lead to collecting dollars again.  Mike Masnick of TechDirt’s presentation on Trent Reznor’s release strategy illustrated the point brilliantly. I’ve also written more about this on Hypebot (“From Analog Dollars To Digital Dimes“).
  • Some of us are in the entertainment business while others are in the music business. There is overlap and one is not “better” than the other.  But knowing where you and the person your talking to stands is important. Each has rather different goals and paths to reach them.
  • I’m looking forward to Midem/MidemNet 2010.


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