Media Futurist (and MIDEM(Net) blogger) Gerd Leonhard just spoke to a packed room about how to use social media to promote music. Besides sharing his weapons of choice (photo), here’s just some of the  precious advice he gave delegates:

  • $500 for an iPhone app is well worth it
  • Multitasking?
    No! Juggling. Gerd’s sons do it all the time. “It’s about managing the
  • Social media is “customer relationship management,” far more effective than “spamming them 4 times a month”
  • Gerd stopped using
    email more than a year ago
  • “How can you have a conversation if
    you’re not talking?” You have to be “open”
  • If you don’t have at least a YouTube, Facebook and Twitter buttons on your artist’s site, you’re missing out
  • Twitter users like
    music. It’s that simple!

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James Martin is Head of Social Media for Midem organisers Reed MIDEM. This includes defining and rolling out Midem's social media strategy, editing midemblog, influencer outreach, developing Midem's fanbase of 75,000+ music professionals and more.


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