In this guest post, The Sound Horizon’s Dominic Pride talks music apps!

OK, your fans love your artist, that’s a given. Loads of them have got smartphones, We can create an app using what we’ve got, get it live and everyone will download it, right?

If you approach it right, then yes. However, if you take a look at what’s driving the music category in the app stores, “pure play” artist content is only making up a small part of the top downloads.

Creating music, discovering music and interacting with music are the themes which are driving the music category, especially on the iTunes App Store.  Browsing artist content alone doesn’t make a significant impact – despite the presence of some global multiplatinum stars in key app stores.

Contrast this with one of the top-ranked apps in music, Smule’s I Am T-Pain.  This lets users sing along to T-Pain’ tracks or their own music using Auto-Tune.  Result? Huge interaction and viral success for this (previously obscure) artist and producer and a top grossing app for Smule. Innovation, engagement and participation played a significant part.

The message is clear: to succeed in this environment, artist brands need to go beyond repurposing existing content and bring true innovation to the mobile platform.

Apps are rapidly becoming the dominant way that customers want to access content and services on the mobile platform.  The apps phenomenon will soon spread to tablet PCs, connected TVs, handhelds and consoles.

Bottom line: get it right on mobile and you’ll have the skills and discipline to exploit these new platforms. Artists and music brands need to find innovative partners who understand the mobile platform and who can create the engagement and interaction which artists will need in this competitive environment.

At the MIDEMNet Academy (Monday 25 Jan, 10:00 Hall 1), the Mobile Entertainment Forum is bringing together knowledge and insight from members and partners to add momentum to music’s push into the apps world.

We’ll be providing MIDEMNet with unique insights into the app store world and providing practical advice on how to plan your app strategy, design, build, launch and promote apps. Members and their partners will also be on hand, allowing you to get upto speed on this explosive opportunity for artists. Be there!

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  1. It’s all about the interaction! Make it accessible and put the consumer in the driver’s seat, and it’ll be a sure hit. I’m just surprised that blue ray, with the multitude of features per disc, hasn’t completely taken over the market place of home entertainment…

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