It’s an obvious statement, but a brand cannot exist without customers. Artists must ensure that what they present to the world is of the highest quality attainable at that time if they expect to attract any early adopters. Too often, artists prematurely present their vision or message to uninterested business people and audiences due to a lack of analysis as to who their fans might actually be and the best way to approach them.

It is unproductive for the “artist brand” to anticipate their target demographic is the entire world.  The artist must give their own brand the respect it deserves if they ever expect anyone else to.  Fans are the lifeline of the “artist’s brand” because without them, the brand dies.

This topic can be addressed by discussing the members of an artist’s “core” executive team, using intellectual property and corporate entities to protect the artist’s brand, various ways of building the artist’s brand, the power of technology and social media, the effects these changes are having on the music industry and some areas ripe for litigation.

This exclusive white paper was written by Dina LaPolt, entertainment attorney at LaPolt Law (US), an entertainment law firm that specialises in representing clients in the music, film, television, merchandising and book publishing industries. It is brought to you in partnership with the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL), who will discuss the above issues at an eponymous session at midem 2012, January 29. Save the date!



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