Katie White and Jules De Martino handle everything creative themselves, be it production, artwork or social media. The rest is up to their major label, Sony. But this independence hasn’t been acquired without a “fight”, as duo explains here.

The Ting Tings also discuss the somewhat chaotic making of “Sounds from Nowheresville“, their new album (out February 27), ahead of playing live at midem festival, January 29.


Questions (click timecodes to jump to each one on YouTube):

00:05 : You played live for French national TV last night: how did that go?
00:37 : Whilst making “Sounds from Nowheresville”, you deleted six songs and started again. Was that difficult?
01:36 : The album’s influenced by classic hip hop artists: why?
02:16 : Hence “Give It Back”‘s Salt’n’Pepa-like sounds?
03:36 : So you’re DIY Artists, signed to a major. How does that work out?
05:00 : Are you not the pop stars you may seem to be?
05:52 : How important is social media for you?
Bonus content: The new single, “Hang It Up”, live


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