BandApp is exactly that: a tool which enables bands to make their own mobile apps. Social sharing is especially pushed.



Oocto is a French startup whose platform allows artists to crowdfund from fans; find people to work with; and to involve fans in promotional activities.



iPluggers plugs your music to thousands of radio stations worldwide. Bands notably can track which stations have downloaded their tracks for airplay.



Crowdsurfing, a service of LiveOne Group, allows users to watch music events such as concerts online together, i.e. with their social media connections, in real time.



“On RockStar Motel, you are the record label”, says the pitch. In other words, this website offers you the possibility to represent artists and win points for getting them noticed. Superfans empowered, in a nutshell…



Tastebuds.fm is a dating site which matches people up based purely on their musical taste. Why didn’t anyone think of that before?!



Beloola is a virtual world for music fans, that works in any web browser. Avatar creation, social integration and mushc more besides.



webdoc allows anyone to create rich media flyers, integrating video, photo, audio, widgets, feeds and more. No webmastering skills required!





Oleapark is a networking tool for events. It allows you to see what are the hottest tech events in your area right now, plus who is there, the most relevant people to meet, and where they are. Worth trying out in Cannes!


Pipe is a Berlin-based startup who describes its offering  as “file transfer made easy” (video currently unavailable: check them out at midem!)


All of the above finalists will present their services to an expert panel – featuring Evolver.fm, The Cola-Cola Company, Next Big Sound and more  – at midem, Sunday January 29. The winners will be revealed at midem’s Visionary Monday, January 30.


Watch all of this category’s finalists as a YouTube playlist here.

More about midemlab here ; & see you there!

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James Martin is Head of Social Media for Midem organisers Reed MIDEM. This includes defining and rolling out Midem's social media strategy, editing midemblog, influencer outreach, developing Midem's fanbase of 75,000+ music professionals and more.


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