This is a summary of all of the midem hack day hacks, adapted from Music Hack Day’s Wiki page. Watch all the hackers presenting their creations at midem in the video right at the end of this post.


midem music machine

Made by The Echo Nest’s Paul Lamere & Mr Doob, this mesmerising hack takes a song and breaks it down into individual note events using the Echo Nest analysis API. This creates a 3D visualization of an imaginary musical instrument that ‘plays’ the song in an interesting way. And watch Lamere presenting it at midem Visionary Monday here.


Tourrent Plans

This rather ingenious hack by Musicmetric’s Ben Fields shows artists where their music is currently being the most downloaded by peer-to-peer networks and plots a tour itinerary accordingly (pictured is where Lady Gaga should tour in France based on this data). Check it out here; and watch Fields presenting it at midem Visionary Monday here.




JPC2000 is a browser-based drum machine, named and styled after the famous AKAI MPC2000. Users can drag and drop mp3 samples onto the pads, then trigger the pads with the mouse or keyboard to activate the sound.



Created by Syd Lawrence, MyNight is a Spotify/web/iPhone app with three sides to it, says Lawrence:

  • From a consumer point of view: In large cities with many club nights going on it is very hard to find a suitable night for a specific taste in music. Perhaps tonight you want to go to a venue that has a high chance of playing a specific band or artist.
  • From a venue point of view: If potential customers know exactly the type of music you are likely to play, and that music matches their music taste, it should increase foot fall.
  • From the point of view of rights management: Knowing exactly what songs are played at a specific venue help you to accurately divide any fees to the relevant parties.

Lawrence also created Artistify, “a framework for bands and artists to have their very own Spotify app, where they can show music, videos and even their own online store, right within Spotify.



Flatdrop lets musicians earn money through payed music downloads. The fans pay for the download via Flattr. The audio file is downloaded from SoundCloud. By Johan Uhle & Marcus Schaefer.




SonicMuse combines the application Sonic Visualiser for viewing and analysing the content of music audio files with the online music sheet database MuseScore. Hacked by Mathieu Barthet (Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London), with contributions from: Thomas Bonte (MuseScore) & George Fazekas (Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London).


Lyrics Postcards

Lyrics Postcards is a facebook app that lets you pick up an album of pictures from your fb account, choose a soundtrack, see how the slideshow of pictures looks like and post it on your own wall. By Francesco Delfino; demo photo by Thomas Bonte.



InstaSound! (you know, like InstaGram for sound). InstaSound lets you record your sounds, apply a range of filters in real time, and instantly share to SoundCloud. Created by Patrick Ellis, Tobias Schmidt, Marcus Schaefer and Matthias Georgi, it notably lets you add effects to your sounds.



Live.ly is summary of your concert-going life. See which bands you’ve seen the most, venues you’ve been to, how far you travelled: and check out the same data for them (photo)! Created by Sabrina Leandro.


D Tweet dt

This hack tracks large-scale changes in tweets about artists over time: the list evolves in real-time. By Adam Lindsay, of SocialGenius.



Mixture quite simply takes a picture of anything and finds music to match it. Made by Alexandre Passant, Guillaume Coquoz (of webdoc) and Ian McKellar (of rdio).


Watch that score


Watch that score makes sheet music visible to the audience as well as to the performer. “An addon experience especially for classical nerds,” according to creators Nicolas Froment, Thomas Bonte & the Samplesumo team.


Tune Hunt

Tune Hunt allows you to “discover hidden treasures within millions of songs that, apart from the artist itself, probably no-one else ever listened to before. It’s the opposite of all other recommendation engines,” says creator Filip Denker of 7digital.


Watch the hackers present their creations at midem here:





Also on Music Hack Day’s wiki page: Full details of all the hacks, including those that didn’t have visuals up when we published this post. And check out all of the midem hackers here. Thanks, guys & gals!




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