Our good friend Bas Grasmayer, of zvooq, no doubt spread more midem goodness across the internet than any other single person. Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, videoblogging for us on YouTube… he was literally on all fronts. The above photo was one of his finest pictures, and was notably picked up by Music Ally for their post-midem review. Bravo!


Another Instagram gem came from Russian delegate (and Audrey Hepburn lookalike) Nata Smirina: a very stylish girl!


And Singapore group SIXX were inspired by a Cannes street to do a quick homage to The Beatles! Photo by band member Kelvin Ang.


Tumblr was also a great place to pick up on midem tidbits (check out all midem-tagged posts here), and not just pictures: besides covering midem here, TheNextWeb found the time for the odd update, like this one:


And last but by no means least, French startup Sharypic did an incredible job of uniting your photos, whatever their source. Ladies and gents, we proudly present… your midem 2012!


Don’t miss our crowdsourced concert photos either: right here!

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