A veritable flurry of tweets accompanied the opening session from web guru Seth Godin, for his first ever address to the music industry. This tweet, from midemblog regular Virginie Berger, came out tops:


The session was a perfect opener for Rethink Music, with Godin urging the music community to think outside of its usual constraints:


DJ Spooky, aka Paul Miller, then encouraged similar open-mindedness:


Some language remained too corporate for some attendees:

Then the presentation of the results of the Hacker’s Weekend provided plenty to tweet about… well, one hack inparticular!

Music attorney Ken Hertz, of Hertz and Lichtenstein LLP, then created quite a buzz with quotes like the below one; he also mentioned the case of the “Rammstein dildos” (Google it!) as a great example of how far some fans – and bands – will go…

Others found great learning opportunities from Rethink’s speakers…

Then Spotify’s Ken Parks had trouble convincing some that his company was doing all it can to improve artist’s earnings from the service:

The questions were notably spurred by artist Amanda Palmer, who asked her followers – or “hive mind” – for questions about Spotify, ahead of Parks’ session. She also paused for a pic in her “serious jacket”, prior to her own session, which finished a jam-packed day.

More tomorrow!

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