Decksi, by Creative D, lets users share and buy virtual cards, which can contain music, video, or photo content. Users can notably play “wild cards” to obtain more credits and cards. The service is based on the web, on Facebook and as an iPhone app.


Evergig is based on a novel concept: concert-goers film gigs, and upload their footage; Evergig matches all the images of the same concert together, to make a complete film, to which an HD sound recording of the show is added. Crowdsourced concert videos, in a nutshell!


Eazieer is an online music management tool which promises everything artists need, from show date promotion to royalty collection, all in one place.


Mixgar is a “social jukebox” designed for venues like bars. Upon arrival, users can scan a QR code to access the bar’s playlist, then influence what they hear by voting for their favourite songs. As your account is linked to your Facebook profile, it can tell what music you like and add it to the playlist; the same goes for everyone else in the venue.


Murfie is an online platform for music collectors, which allows them to consult each others’ collections and exchange, buy and sell music. This is done by uploading members’ physical collections to the cloud: users just have to send in their CDs!


Joytunes gamifies music learning, in order to make piano practice less of a chore. Simple!


Pulselocker claims to be the first service that opens up music streaming services to leading DJ software offerings. It as such aims to convert those DJs playing illegal music into paying customers, hence ensuring artists are fairly compensated.


WeDemand/Queremos! Is a platform for crowdsourcing concerts. It has already enabled fans of bands like LCD Soundsystem, Primal Scream, Jamie Lidell, The Kills and Two Door Cinema Club to bring the bands to play in their towns.


rightclearing is a site that aims to make obtaining clearance for music super simple.


Stageit lets artists organise their own concerts wherever they want – even in their kitchen, as is the case with singer/songwriter Jake Owen, who explains his first Stageit performance in this video!


The above finalists will pitch their services to a jury of industry experts and investors at midem next January. More about midemlab here; and meet the 20 other finalists here on midemblog soon!

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