Guest post by Rich Goldman, CEO, RipTide Music, midem’s partners for this pitch session.

RipTide Music is always interested in knowing about the best emerging artists and bands from around the globe and has been an active partner with midem for years. When we were contacted by midem about hosting a pitch session for TV placements this year, were both excited about music that we would discover… and somewhat apprehensive about the amount of time we would need to allocate for the review process.

Sure enough, approximately 600 songs were submitted, and that was only the main submission song from each artist. When we felt that an artist was a good fit for the brief, we would listen deeper into their catalogue.

Sam Diaz, associate director of music supervision at CBS Studios, shares our passion for music discovery and agreed to consider songs that would apply to his shows, NCIS, Blue Bloods and The Good Wife.

Due to Sam’s tight schedule, the team at RipTide pared down the list to what we knew Sam might be interested in to a manageable number for him to review. Not an easy task due to the number excellent songs submitted. Songs were initially selected on the merit on how well they aligned with the sound of each show, not only on the quality of the writing and production, which of course must be of top quality. I can’t emphasise how important it is to clearly adhere to the musical styles that a show uses. If music is submitted that hits that mark, the music supervisor will welcome future pitches. If the music is not relevant even though it might be a great song, the music supervisor may not be receptive to future pitches.


Over to CBS Studios’ Sam Diaz:


I’m always looking for new material to consider for the shows I work on. So when RipTide’s Rich approached me and said he was reaching out to the midem community for songs, I was looking forward to what I would receive.


The people at RipTide went through many submissions. There were many great tracks I heard; and here is my ‘top 5’. I chose groups that I felt had a good chance to be placed given the right scene:


– The Nameless Girl. Was very impressed with the song structures and production values. “Bipolar” is a wonderful track that I would add to my own personal collection as well.


– Meghann Wright. I think Meghann has a very beautiful voice. When I heard “Can’t Carry Water” I immediately tagged it.


– The Boxing Lesson. Really nice garage/psychedelic rock. “Better Daze” is the kind of track that would fit well in a bar scene where people are having a great time.


– Lucy Stone. I thought “Out Of Time” was a great track with nice production values. Lucy has a nice voice and this track would work well as source music.


– Muenster. Loved the track “Peep Show”. I think this would fit well in many different types of scenes that require hip hop.”




The People’s Choice winner is the band Crowfield, with their song “Young Until We Die”. Music from Crowfield will also be considered for placements.

We want to thank everyone for submitting their music for this exciting midem pitch session. In addition to the selected artists and songs mentioned above, RipTide and Sam will be combing through the submissions for future placement opportunities.

Rich Goldman & the RipTide Music Team


Find the winners of all of the midem 2013 Music Pitch sessions – Activision, Red Lobster, Ogilvy & RipTide – here: Congrats to the winners; to everyone for taking part; and to Sonicbids for hosting the competitions 🙂

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