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Views are nice. But here at midemblog, we think shares are nicer 🙂 Taking the time to share a post means a whole lot more to us and our contributors than ‘just’ looking at it (which, of course, we appreciate too!)

2013’s most-shared topics were developers’ rising importance within the music industry (congrats to Lucy Blair on midemblog’s second most-shared post ever, too!); how artists have to increasingly act like startup entrepreneurs to get ahead (thanks to Official.fm’s Yannick Servant for that one); how others no longer dare speak out on big issues (Emily Gonneau’s post even generated our first ever reply post, from Kira Grunenberg, who in turn became a midemblog contributor herself) ; and, of course, the streaming payments debate. One of 2013’s hottest topics, our contributors Alison Lamb and Matt Riley preferred suggesting how to make the most of platforms like Spotify’s huge promotional potential.

Our “Who needs labels?” interview series also continued to attract attention, with Black Hole Recordings’ Bas Kruijssen and Believe Digital’s Lee Morrison both getting heartily shared around the interwebs. And last but no means least, our coverage of Midem 2013, including some excellent wraps by Music Ally’s Stuart Dredge, and our interview with adorable Indonesian artists Endah N Resa, on the value of sharing, also — fittingly — attracted plenty of likes and tweets.

Thanks to everyone involved in midemblog this year; roll on 2014!


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17. Martin Frascogna: How the music industry can increase profits by 30%, immediately (76)

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20. Kira Grunenberg: An Artist’s Career: One big “choose your own adventure” novel? (62)



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