The Mastering of a Music City, Key Elements, Effective Strategies and Why it’s Worth Pursuing is the result of an important research conducted by IFPI and Music Canada:  forty interviews with music community experts, government officials, and community leaders in more than twenty cities on every continent.

The report defines a “Music City” as a community of any size with a vibrant music economy. Beginning with artists and musicians, Music Cities are home to a broad range of professionals who support artist entrepreneurs in their career development. They contain spaces for education, rehearsal, recording and performance, and foster a live scene with an engaged and passionate audience that provides artists with a fertile ground for developing their craft.

Successful Music Cities with vibrant music economics generate a wide array of benefits for cities, from economic growth, job creation, and increased spending to greater tax revenues and cultural development. Here are a few examples:

– The Rock al Parque music festival in Bogotá attracted 400,000 attendees to the city in 2014, making it one of the largest music festivals in South America;

– Music tourism in Austin accounts for almost half of their US$1.6 billion economic output and contributes US$38 billion in tax revenue to the city;

– In South Africa, organisations like the SAMRO Foundation have sought to use music to bring people together under a unified cultural banner.

Following the successful 2012 report by Music Canada entitled, Accelerating Toronto’s Music Industry Growth, Leveraging Best Practices from Austin, Texas, this new report explores these seven key areas, resulting in 31 recommendations to build a strong, more vibrant music community.


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