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SoundCloud gets more coverage, but radio/DJ-focused platform Mixcloud is on the rise right now. Find out why, in figures!


12 million
: Twelve million people listen to Mixcloud’s on-demand content and its catalogue of eight million DJ sets. Mixcloud CEO Nikhil Shah says the company is exploring ways to allow users to interact with the site.  Some of the ideas under consideration include using the shows in its archives to create online radio stations and live radio and DJ shows.  Mixcloud, however, will not be following in the footsteps of Spotify and others by adding video.  Shah says that although the idea was considered, the company felt listening is an important entertainment experience. Source: Music Ally


$14.12: The monthly fee for a Pro account. Mixcloud receives one third of its revenue from paid accounts, accounts for content uploaders.  The other two-thirds come from standard advertising and from branded shows and sponsorships. Founded in 2008, Mixcloud is a 12- person business.  Larger rivals, such as Deezer and Spotify, have added podcasts.  Mixcloud’s founders hope that adding additional services will help the website grow and compete against its rivals.  Source: The Guardian


60%: That’s how much listening time has increased in the seven months that followed Mixcloud introduction its web platform Mixcloud X in January 2014.  A “repost” feature was later added to allow users to more easily share content.  In 2014, Mixcloud also added the premium account tier, for users who want to skip ads.  Users are charged $6.99.  The Pro account tier also was added at this time.  Source:   The Next Web


30%: The number of Mixcloud users who access the website via iPhone and Android mobile applications. Mixcloud is hoping to take advantage of this growing demographic. Mixcloud is the electronic equivalent of a mixed tape, allowing users to select only what they want to hear.  It is much smaller than its rival SoundCloud, but has a loyal membership.  According to Nico Perez, one of the site’s founders, users spend an average of 28 minutes per session on the site, which is longer than Mixcloud’s competitors. It has more than 500,000 presenters and DJs.  Source: The New York Times


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