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Midemlab’s startup award competitors have had a number of successes. Let’s take a look at 10 and see how far the companies have gone.

$3 million: The amount 2014 Midemlab alumni Soundwave raised from investors since its launched in June 2013, until it was acquired by Spotify in January 2016. In Feb. 2014 alone, $1m in seed funding was raised. The Soundwave app has been downloaded 1.5 million times, and 150 million songs have been tracked.

$1 million: The yearly business generated by 2015 Midemlab alumni SoundBetter. Growth is expected to accelerate as the service — which connects audio engineers with musicians — recently received funding from investors including Foundry Group, AOL Ventures and 500 Startups. The site has tens of thousands of visitors globally and plans to form integrations and partnerships with audio manufacturers.

$6 million: The amount 2010 Midemlab alumni Radionomy raised before Vivendi acquired 64.4% of the service in 2015. In 2012, Radionomy raised $4.5m in Venture from Musicmatch. The following year, it acquired the online music media company Nullsoft. Radionomy users stream 30 million hours of online radio monthly.

10 million: The number of tickets 2012 Midemlab alumni Weezevent has sold to its users since its launch. Over the past five years, Weezevent has grown 200%. In 2014, Weezevent won first place at the Deloitte in Extenso Technology Fast 500 EMEA, and notably handled the electronic invitations for the opening of the Maison de la Radio in Paris.

$10 million: The amount 2014 Midemlab alumni LISNR raised last year in Series B funding led by Intel Capital. In 2014, during Series A funding, $3.5 million was raised. During 2013, the audio based platform made about $500,000. This increased to nearly $2 million the following year. Now the company works with Sony Music, Warner Music and RocNation. Last year, LISNR was recognised by CNBC as one of its 50 disruptors.

$1 million: The amount 2015 Midemlab startup contest winner UniqueSound raised from angel investors and ISAI, Felix Capital and Foundry Group Angels. UniqueSound had met two of the investors, Felix Capital and Foundry Group, at Midem three months prior. The service connects composers with content creators.

$10 million: The amount raised by 2010 Midemlab alumni Songkick from Access Industries to continue developing its technology. It also is the number of active users. The site, which lets users know where and when artists are performing live, generates $100m in ticket revenue. In 2007, the company raised $32.6 million from various investors.

175 million: Monthly unique listeners to 2009 Midemlab finalist Soundcloud. In 2013, Soundcloud had a turnover of $14.1m, a 40% increase from 2012. Since its launched, Soundcloud has raised $123.3 million in funding.

$8 million: The amount 2014 Midemlab finalist Jukely raised in a seed extension round in 2015. In a previous round, it raised $2.4m. Launched as an unlimited concert subscription service, Jukely has 30 million users and operates in more than 17 cities. In 2013, it was one of’s Apps of the Year.

$25 million: The amount 2011 Midemlab alumni BandPage has raised since its participation in Midemlab, including $18.3m raised in 2011 and $9.3 million in 2014. The site currently has 32 million monthly visitors and 500,000 musicians using it. It has partnerships with  Google, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube and Soundcloud.

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