We live in an attention economy and that’s especially important for artists. Their businesses depend on successfully grabbing and keeping the attention of their fans with the end goal of getting more streams, views, merch and tour sales, etc.

For the past decade, plenty of artists have used social media platforms to promote their work, gain new followers and snatch their attention.

Yet now, 98% of content on newsfeeds is filtered. Research suggests that Facebook Pages could have organic reach as low as 2%. Because of all the noise on social, even that 2% ends up competing for eyeballs. Algorithms prioritize certain type of content and they determine what users see more or less of. On an average day, only about 10% of news feed stories are read. When you do the math, that’s around 0.2% engagement.

That’s where Messenger bots come in. You can reach 100% of your fans with open rates over 90%!

Here are a few tips to bear in mind before you create and launch your own bot:

1. Leave behind the wrong expectations
Facebook launched their bot platform as an AI-powered automated chat tool so users had the expectation that they could have conversations with bots. In reality, chatbots are limited in their functionality. The unrealistic expectation that a bot can respond to everything it’s asked should be ditched.

2. Don’t overcomplicate, keep it simple
Creating your bot will take some time and can get complicated if you let it. It is not possible to create answers to everything a fan might ask. When there’s open input these bots have a 99% error rate. Instead, keep it simple and just start messaging. Announce your tour date, new releases, cool merch and so on!

3. The Messenger bot is not for a one-time campaign
Marketers make the mistake of treating Messenger bots as a temporary tool for a one-time campaign. They spend a lot of time and money on it and then they’re disappointed by the results. If there’s no outbound messaging, the bot will move down in your fans’ Messenger and will soon be forgotten. The Messenger bot is a direct communication channel to your fans. Use it like such.

4. Focus on what Messenger bots offer
It’s all about results at the end of the day. Messenger bots offer open rates as high as 90%! You can’t achieve these kind of numbers with any other tool. Messenger bots can become the number 1 driver of traffic to content (streams, views, plays, merch, store etc.). They can also overtake your Facebook page in a week. That’s because they are excellent at gaining and retaining the attention of your fans.

5. Actually use your bot to message fans
Messenger bots are here to stay and are becoming more powerful by the day. With POP, you can even create interactive stories in chat format, narratives, digests, track voting, ticket giveaways and much more. If you send these out as messages to your fans and don’t get hung up in creating something unnecessarily complicated, you will see incredible results in no time!


Tim Heineke, founder of I AM POP: https://www.iampop.in/


Photo credit: Getty Image © domoskanonos

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Founder of I AM POP, a simple way to launch your own messenger-bot and start reaching 100% of your fans with 90% engagement. Prior Tim co-founded Shuffler.fm and FUGA.

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