midemblog: This was your first time attending Midem. What did you find most interesting or surprising about the conference?

Fox Stevenson: To be completely honest I didn’t really know what to expect, admittedly I hadn’t done much reading up! I didn’t expect as much of a focus on tech, and I really enjoyed seeing the forward thinking apps and platforms aimed at making doing jobs in music a lot easier, that was definitely where I got the most excited!



> Not only was this your first time at Midem, but you also spoke on the Global Wrap Up panel. Your topic focused on data vs. creativity. Can you explain this topic for those who weren’t at Midem?

I think the problem facing the music industry in a digital era is the idea that music in essence is undefinable, it’s subjective and the meaning and effect of a track can differ from listener to listener, that’s why I worry about the way music is tagged on discovery platforms, that definition of the music is so discrete and specific. To be clear, I have no idea what to do as an alternative but I think it’s necessary to not let the idea of genre to run rampant in a world dominated by consumer choice.



> As an artist, producer, and songwriter, what are some of the challenges you face when dealing with data vs. creativity?

The biggest problem facing music makers in this is the pressure to be definable. In dance music for instance, tempo is king, whichever tempo range you’re in defines your track. This idea leads people to play safe when it comes to arrangement and composition. Why would you make a track that’s slightly outside a genre when you can make it completely centralised and marketable to fans of that genre? My answer would be that it’s really fucking boring to do that.



> Any new technology you discovered during Midem that you’re interested in using? If so, how do you plan on using it?

Wyker App. There was a functionality on it that allowed geo locked chatting on site at a festival between attendees, the possibilities for an artist to take that and make really cool fan experiences really excites me.



> Any thoughts on the international aspect of Midem?

Sadly this passed me by on my trip this year. I was really swept away by the tech! I don’t really feel qualified to talk on the international stuff, I heard a lot of cool things about that though.



> Feel free to share any additional thoughts about Midem with their readers.

I had a really great time meeting people at Midem, there’s so much reason to be excited for the future of the music industry, and Midem really compounded that, looking forward to next year!



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