Well, it’s January already. Let’s look into trends, predictions, patterns, and portentous events: it’s 5 industry stats for 2019!


$400 million in revenues is what music streaming service Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht is anticipating in 2019. Seven million listeners subscribe via a monthly fee, while another seven million opt for the no-fee, ad-laden version of the service, for a total of 14 million Deezer listeners. Albrecht says that there has been a “dramatic shift” in where Deezer’s revenues mainly come from, with far fewer now coming from once-golden telco-based France (Deezer is a French company) and far more now coming from self-paying subscribers. MENA (the Middle East and Africa) has now become a strategic priority for the streaming service provider, too. Albrecht says, “The fundamental excitement is being part of a revolution in how people are going to consume music. Many people are going to leapfrog from no music—or limited music—to streaming. They’re not going to go through this chain of physical [formats], then downloads.” Referring to MENA, he also points out, “But you have to approach these kinds of markets and regions with a certain degree of humbleness,” to account for differing regional and national tastes.


$225.7 million in gross revenues is what was brought in by music streaming service Pandora’s app through November 30th, 2018. This figure made it chart as the seventh-highest grossing iOS app of last year. Pandora, therefore, comes out ahead of such niche giants as Spotify and Apple Music itself. All this in spite of being available exclusively in North America. But, to be fair, it has to be said that through the first nine months of last year Pandora brought in $344.2 million in gross revenues while Spotify brought in more than ten times as much ($3.72 billion).


139,000 subscribers and 16.8 million views globally in 2018 were garnered by Capitol Records artist Maggie Rogers. Rogers is the first musician that YouTube has chosen for its “Artist On The Rise” marketing program in 2019. As this writing is being completed, her debut album is being released. Rogers went viral with her hit song “Alaska” in 2018.


153,970,000 customers subscribe to US telco Verizon. So Apple Music, which went past Spotify for the leading music subscription service in the US in the second quarter of 2018, is now upping its Verizon partnership by now offering customers of Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans a an ongoing Apple Music subscription. Previously, it had offered Verizon subscribers a six-month free trial subscription. Music rights-holders holding licensing on the the free Apple Music bundle are clearly hoping to get as big a monetary share (or equivalent share) as possible of the Verizon service price points ($50 per month and $60 per month, respectively).


118.5 million smart speakers now occupy US households as of the end of December, 2018, a new all-time record and up dramatically from the 66.7 million of one year earlier. On average, US households that utilise smart speakers now own 2.3 of the devices, up from 1.7 a year earlier. Enormous accounting firm Deloitte has predicted that the global industry for smart speakers, which it defines as “internet-connected speakers with an integrated digital voice assistant”, will reach a market value of $7 billion in 2019.

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