Amuse, a company which describes itself as a “reinvented record label”, will support this year’s Midem Artist Accelerator. We asked Diego Farias, Co-Founder and CEO, a few questions about what is unique about Amuse, and his expectations for Midem 2019.


> Why did Amuse decide to partner with the Midem Artist Accelerator this year?

The Midem Artist Accelerator serves to boost the careers of emerging talent around the globe, while also supporting their managers, agents, labels, and publishers. We’re thrilled to partner with this programme as we share the same goals. Amuse creates tools for every independent artist, giving them and their teams access to innovative services and data that empower the artist to reach their full potential.


> How would you describe your service to people new to Amuse?

We founded Amuse with a collective vision to redefine artist discovery and label deals. Amuse is a reinvented record label, giving free music distribution, with artists retaining 100% of the royalties and rights. We use music consumption data to find, license and build cutting-edge services for tomorrow’s platinum-selling talent.

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> You recently announced Fast Forward, where artists are paid for future royalties, based on future performance predictions by AI. Why did you decide to do this?

Helping new talent to grow faster than they could by themselves has always been one of the core values at Amuse. Fast Forward is a data-driven service that pays artists up to six months of royalties in advance, which they can withdraw from the Amuse app at any time.

New technologies have transformed the music business, but the antiquated way royalties are paid has remained unchanged. Artists often have to wait months to receive delayed royalty payments, but Fast Forward solves for this problem by empowering artists to catch momentum when it arises. That means they can invest the money back into their music whether it’s to create a video, buy new equipment, or market their music. Fast Forward allows for quicker payments for artists that want to stay in control. It’s a true innovation in the distribution field – a field that has been static for decades.

We believe many independent artists can benefit from Fast Forward and evolve their careers faster if it’s possible to put their royalties into use when they need it. Hundreds of artists are already using Fast Forward and receiving advances ranging from $400 to $300,000.


> Why are you confident that Fast Forward’s predictions will be reliable?

By leveraging the direct access to music consumption data that flows through our distribution service, Fast Forward uses more than 27 billion data points to automatically calculate and offer artists up to six months of their future royalties. Each offer is based on the artist’s streaming pattern and trajectory, resulting in individual offers. Fast Forward combines our human knowledge and expertise with billions of data points. It’s an extension of what we’re already doing in our label and as a result, we’re confident in the Fast Forward predictions.


> What else is unique about how your platform helps artists?

Amuse provides an end-to-end solution for every step of the artist journey – from self-distribution to financing to label services – and puts more money and control in the hands of indie artists and labels. We also build artist-friendly tools, like Fast Forward, to help emerging artists accelerate their careers while staying independent.


> What are some of AMUSE’s biggest artist success stories, and why?

A majority of the Nordic hip hop elite use Amuse, including licensed gold and platinum-selling artists like Adel, Saliboy, Reyn and Kamelen, and we’re expanding further into local hip hop markets around Europe. That said, we also work with a boutique selection of licensed acts within a wide array of genres across Scandinavia, the US, UK, Europe and Latin America, such as Moxie Raia, Monty Datta, Johnny Gates, Saving Forever, VCATION and Soy Emilia.


> What are you most excited to see or do at Midem 2019?

We’re excited to get to know the artists participating in the Artist Accelerator and spend time with them at Midem through the various mentoring and networking sessions.  We have some exciting programming to share with the finalists as well.

It’s an incredible time for independent artists. DIY artists are projected to earn more than a $1 billion this year alone. Self-releasing artists like Lil Nas X are reshaping the music industry and evidence that hits are no longer dependent on label support.

At Amuse, we’re democratising the playing field for artists and giving them more control than ever before. DIY artists are transforming the music ecosystem and we look forward to participating in this important conversation at MIDEM.


Find out more about the Midem Artist Accelerator here!

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