You can read the pre-show article Mapping the Covid Impact on the Music Industry about music industry initiatives against Covid-19, and also check out Midem’s exclusive infographic charting the interconnectedness of the industry, and how the pandemic has affected the flow of revenues around it. What follows in this Whitepaper is a summary of key talking points from Midem Digital Edition.

Covid-19: music impact data

Midem conference

“The last few months have been hugely disruptive. They’ve turned consumption patterns upside down. They’ve changed the way that artists do or don’t make money. They’ve changed the role of music in overall entertainment,” was how Mark Mulligan, managing director of Midia Research, outlined the music industry crisis in his Midem session on Recovery Economics.

Among the changes: a big spike in YouTube music video viewing; people listening to streaming audio less than they were on smartphones, and more than they were on home devices like smart speakers, connected TVs and games consoles; and the removal for many people of the daily commute to work.

Commuting also cropped up in Helena Kosinski, VP Global at Nielsen Music/MRC Data’s presentation on The Impact of Covid-19 on Music: a Search for the New at Midem Digital Edition, based on data from her company’s surveys of music consumers in the US.

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