The alchemy operates in the studio. To see that song performed on stage by Dalex that same evening and in front of a wide panel of industry people was really crazy!” – High P

In 2019, French producer High P participated in the Midem Songwriting camp, where he composed a brand new song called “Reggaetón en Paris” with Latin urban revelation Dalex. They recorded the song during a Midem Session in the Dynaudio Studio and played it live the same night on the Midem Beach.

The song is now on Ozuna’s latest album “Nibiru” featuring Nicky Jam, nominated in the category best urban music album of the Latin Grammy 2020. 

In this exclusive interview with High P, discover the whole story behind the creation of this song and what new production and collaboration opportunities has been created by this incredible experience.

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>Can you present yourself and how you became music producer? What are your influence in music?


I’m High P, a multi-platinum and diamond music composer and producer based in Paris. In France, I have worked with Maitre Gims, Vitaa, Dadju, Aya Nakamura, Fally Ipupa, Claudio Capéo and more… And during the past 12 months, I have started working in the US with Latin artists like Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Dalex, Justin Quiles, Farina and more.

My style is a mix of pop songs for radio with urban and electronic production for the club like urban, afro, reggaeton and dancehall.

I started music very young, at the age of 8. I did the conservatory for 8 years and then picked up the guitar on my own to create my first compositions. While in high school, I discovered computer-assisted music and started producing. Which I then followed by taking a course at the EMC School in Paris to get my skills to the next level. That’s when Universal Music Publishing France discovered my work and signed me up as a composer in 2012, which was my first step in the industry.


>What are the latest tracks you’ve been working on?

Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Dalex – “Reggaeton In Paris” (US)

Julian Perretta – “On The Line” (UK)

Maître Gims, Vitaa, Slimane, Dadju – “Bella Ciao”

Vitaa & Dadju – “Désaccord”

Vitaa & Claudio Capéo – “Un peu de rêve”

Vitaa & Jul –  “Ca les dérange”

Fally Ipupa & Aya Nakamura – “Bad Boys”

Poupie – “Ne m’invite pas “ (very recently)



>How did you end up in the Midem Songwriting camp, in partnership with Universal Music Publishing?

Universal Music Publishing France told me about the opportunity and it immediately won me over!

>How different your Midem experience was from other Camps you participated in?

Firstly I can tell you that the climate and ambiance has a lot to do with it! MIDEM takes place in the south of France by the sea in the start of the summer and a lot of major players from the international scene are there. It’s really emulating for everybody and created a collective buzz between the artists and writers at the camp.


>Can you explain how the camp was organized and how/why you started working with Dalex? How did you both feel when you finished composing ‘Reggaeton en Paris’?

The camp was organized over a week in a magnificent villa. There was one room per producer, each converted into a home studio. The artists were going to different room each day, to collaborate with different producers. Which is how I got the opportunity to work with Dalex, who was at the Midem program this year. Given my touch and taste for Latin music, I was really excited, and luckily we really connected!


>The song was written relatively quickly (in a couple of hours) at Midem Songwriting Camp; then you decided to record it directly the same day at the Midem Studio Session and Dalex played it during the night on the Midem Beach! 

Are you always that quick in your creative process?


We finished the song relatively quickly indeed!

But honestly, it is often like that when the alchemy operates in the studio. However, to see that song performed on stage by Dalex that same evening and in front of a wide panel of industry people was really crazy! It was the first time for me.


>Since then, it’s a real success story for you and Dalex, since the track has been chosen by Ozuna for his latest album, now nominated at the Latin Grammy 2020 for Best Urban Album.


Yes it’s been an amazing journey since then. Meeting the whole team at Rich Music in Miami, which is Dalex’ label. Ozuna picking the song for his album. The album reaching #1 on the Billboard Latin Charts. And now the nomination to the Latin Grammy’s. It’s really not common for a French producer. I’m living my dream, and the best is even yet to come!


>Did this experience create any opportunities of new production and collaboration internationally?

Me and my manager Michael have worked hard this past year to get things going in Miami. And this song clearly helped us to build a narrative while meeting all the key people there.


>What’s the next big project you are working on?

Well, while in Miami, I have worked with several other great Latin artists and some of the most respected songwriters, but though I cannot tell you who for exclusivity reason, stay tuned for some great singles soon 😉

Meanwhile, being stuck in Europe in this time of COVID 19, I started working in Madrid too and expect some great collaboration with Spanish stars too.

And am currently writing songs with a very special French artist for the Eurovision Song Contest!


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