As the official content partner of Midem, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) presents five talents to this year’s Midem Songwriting Camp, which will take place in mid-October 2021.

In addition to Midemlab and Midem Talent Exporter, the upcoming Midem Songwriting Camp gathers breakthrough artists, producers, singer-songwriters, award-nominees from all over the world, to facilitate mutual learning and create career opportunities for creative minds. This year, TAICCA introduces five talented Taiwanese musicians: ØZI, Chih Siou, Trout Fresh, Shi Shi Sun and Starr Chen. During the four-day event of Midem Songwriting Camp, each of them will work with international producers and artists. Together, each pair will compose one or two pieces to perform at an online listening session during Midem Digital Edition 2021.

Taiwan may be known for its effective response to the COVID pandemic, but it was also once the centre of Mandopop back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Twenty years ago, popular genres in Taiwan resembled more with Europe or America, such as post-rock or Britpop. In recent years, though, Taiwan has engaged more with countries in the region, such as Japan or Korea. Alternative artists in Japan and Korea have also built up their reputations in Taiwan and inspired quite a few local bands. On the other hand, some independent artists have integrated pop elements into their creative works. Pop music in Taiwan has also diversified from rock to hip-hop or soul.

Music industries in Taiwan are more flourishing than ever. The live music market has also been booming. In the past five years, more venues have proliferated in the local market. Ticketed or free festivals have burgeoned beyond the capital area. Both are very encouraging to fans and bands. Going to gigs and music festivals has become a habit for local consumers.

Moreover, mainstream and indie no longer stand on two extremes in the music spectrum in Taiwan. Nowadays, Indie artists are often nominated for music awards, which makes them important Mandopop influencers. Crossover productions between mainstream and indie are very common and popular in recent years. Lately,more and more indie musicians shine outside the mainstream system through online channels, tours in Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other areas, and music festivals in the past decade. Indie bands such as Sunset Rollercoaster or Elephant Gym, have crossed language barriers and expanded their international presence. These opportunities were unimaginable in the past.


Taiwanese artists are often describe as open-minded and versatile. These traits are seen in the five participants of Midem Songwriting Camp as well: Born in America, R&B and hip-hop artist ØZI often rhymes his beats with subjects like sophisticated stylishness and erotic love affair. He also directs most of his music videos. ØZI’s collaboration with other singers and metal bands goes beyond the border and he is now becoming a recognizable name in Asia.


Chih Siou

Young yet talented, singer-songwriter Chih Siou started his creative career from his bedroom and is now one of the biggest upcoming new waves in Taiwan. His works of art pop, alongside his unique vibe of quirkiness and gender-neutral image, has made him an icon of Generation Z in Taiwan.


Trout Fresh

Trout Fresh raps mostly about mundane daily life and “normal people” which resonates with his audiences. His talents are without a doubt beyond average as he has written and produced numerous compositions for fellow rappers of his generation.


Shi Shi Sun

Shi Shi Sun is a recurrent music award nominee and winner. Her soothing and tender vocal and crafted production have made her a familiar face for R&B lovers in Taiwan. She is also well known in the Mandopop realm for singing theme songs of major drama series.


Starr Chen

Last but not least, music producer Starr Chen is not to be missed. He has more experience than the rest of the attendees and is known for his production of Taiwanese megastar Jolin Tsai’s album Play. From a solo rapper, shout-out with witty lyrics to a well-rounded producer, Starr Chen specializes in hip-hop, R&B, DubStep and Progressive House.


Most of the selected participants have quantitative bilingual creative works, and they are all looking forward to the spark of chemistry with their collaborators. Midem and TAICCA aim to push for great results and works like Reggaetón en Paris by Dalex and French producer High P, one of the most successful stories in Midem Songwriting Camp 2019.

The event will be held online from October 18th to 22nd due to the global COVID-19 circumstances.

During the four-day of the event, five talented Taiwanese musicians – ØZI, Chih Siou, Trout Fresh, Shi Shi Sun and Starr Chen will meet with international producers and artists to compose original songs that will be presented in a closed-door listening session during Midem Digital Edition.

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