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Con Raso

Con Raso is the Managing Director of Tuned Global. He is an entrepreneur passionate about innovation, new technologies, and start-ups. Over the last few decades he has focused on creating innovative mobile and online distribution models within the B2C entertainment market, enabling brands to utilise music as a marketing tool, via unique customer engagement strategies. Being inherently well-versed in both technology and music, Con ensures our solutions are aesthetically pleasing, engaging and disruptive.2 Articles


Thaddeus Rudd

Co-owner and co-president of Mom+Pop Music.2 Articles



Adam Cardew

Adam Cardew is Digital Director of Absolute Label Services, a UK-based company working across sectors such as distribution, marketing and sync for artists like Sia, The Libertines, Ride and Nitin Sawhney. He is one of Midem 2016's Label Ambassadors.2 Articles

Trudy Kirabo

Trudy Kirabo works in A&R marketing for Music Gateway. More about her company in the above link!2 Articles


Grant Bussinger

Grant Bussinger is the Head of Digital at Warp Records.2 Articles

Sam Hill

Sam Hill is director of digital marketing for BMG UK's frontline records division. Having worked for companies like the BBC, PIAS and Infectious Music before joining BMG in 2014, Sam has worked on campaigns for alt-J, Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley, Blink-182, Vance Joy, DMA'S, The Sherlocks, RY X, Lil Dicky and more.2 Articles

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