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Romy Harber is Hospital Records' Label Manager & Head Of Digital.1 Articles

Founder of I AM POP, a simple way to launch your own messenger-bot and start reaching 100% of your fans with 90% engagement. Prior Tim co-founded and FUGA.1 Articles

Shain Shapiro is the President of Sound Diplomacy, a consultancy helping governments and businesses achieve their social, cultural and economic goals, using music as a tool.1 Articles

Andrew Hampp is VP-brand strategist, at MAC Presents, where he is focused on helping MAC clients build industry-leading music strategies and experiences. Prior to joining MAC, Andrew spent four years as senior correspondent at Billboard, where he led coverage of music business, advertising and tech and interviewed notable personalities including Britney Spears, Scooter Braun, Guy Oseary, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, P!nk and Mariah Carey for cover stories.1 Articles

Kevin Erickson is National Organizing Director for Future of Music Coalition, a non-profit research, advocacy, and education organization for musicians. He’s also active as a producer and recording engineer in Washington DC.1 Articles

Tom Willinck is VP Commercial Affairs of music distribution company Berthus.1 Articles

Joe B. Conyers III is Co-founder & General Manager of Songtrust and VP of Technology for Downtown Music Publishing. Songtrust helps music makers and rights holders collect their music publishing royalties. Songtrust powers global royalty collection with simple term deals, completely online working with 40+ societies and 120+ territories making it easy to get paid publishing royalties from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Radio, Movies, TV and more. Conyers has grown the company to service over 100k creators and 15k publishers with works recorded by Beyoncé, Brandy Clark, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Frank Ocean, and other Grammy nominated artists. At Downtown, Joe leads product, technology, and digital service partnerships focusing on maximizing client royalty collection by advancing digital licensing efforts. Billboard Magazine has consecutively named Joe a Digital Power Player ('16, '17).1 Articles

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